Hello Everyone!

I have been working on some things to make the house run more smoothly, now I just need to implement what I am learning. This is the original that FlyLady copied. I find it more “forgiving”, I don’t have to have a bunch of emails from a system clogging up my in box (almost too many already!), and I am not dependent on my computer to know what I need to do for the day. Craft show season is almost upon us. I am getting ready for that as well. I have developed a new category of products for home décor, some 3”x6” tumbled travertine plaques. Here is a link www.paydayloansfloridaonline.biz to payday loans in FL. Actually, I just realized I have another one that is not yet uploaded. Will be uploaded this week though. Personally, we are getting deposits done to finalize 2014 contributions for h-s-a and IRAs so we can get our taxes done. I am wondering something about mutual funds. We have our IRAs and non-retirement investments all in mutual funds. They are spread out over about 12 different mutual funds. When looking at the interest rate, I know we need to look at the life of the fund and the older the fund the better, most of the time. We had an overall return of about 16% for last year when looking at all the funds as a whole. Are we supposed to look at the whole? Or do we look at a particular individual mutual fund’s return?