Lets see – I came down with strep throat this weekend – NOT planned

HOWEVER!!!! I did, with the help of some friends, get the sheep/goat bolus done so that is a major step forward in their health and improvement.
Also, Gandalf IS in his forever home – his new owner adores him and I have the option to use him after his xrays when he is 2 so that is great.
Fleur also, is in her new home since she is an outstanding bitch so I will co-own her and thus my kennel name will get out there which is super. The entire litter is gaining wows from Belgian lovers because of their bomb proof temperaments which means I can take pride in a litter well raised.
I’m steadily working towards getting caught up on the mortgage, 6 months left to go, and have been steadily working on getting a budget setup for both me and the farm.
Shearing this week so getting setup with the spin a pound get a pound group so I can sell the processed fiber without being out a bunch of money on the front side – very pleased about that. I plan to make items for sale as time allows. Also need to get with the dairy inspector to find out what I need to do for a Grade B dairy.
So, that’s my progress for this week.